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Clean Pick

-Clean Pick- is the perfect combination of a leash and a dog poo pick up device. It is the simple solution for walking your dog on a lead and sanitarily picking up and disposing its droppings when needed. You can walk and use the clean pick device to pick up your dog`s droppings without bending down and being exposed to bad odours.

The -Clean Pick- leash contains an integrated waste bag compartment, so you can conveniently carry bags to apply on the pick up device. -Clean Pick- facilitates an easy and hygienic disposal of your dog`s droppings. You can switch on the integrated light at night to pick up droppings in the dark without any issues.

Due to its multifunctional nature -Clean Pick- allows you to walk your dog on the leash and quickens to be responsible and pick up your dogs droppings, during walks in the park and the city. You can look good while doing what needs to be done, it is stylish and is available in different colours -Clean Pick-.

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